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Prepare for your Surgery

For some children, coming into hospital can be stressful. Good preparation can help kids feel less anxious about the anesthesia and surgery and get through the recovery period faster. But, like parents everywhere, you're probably uncertain about the best way to prepare your child.

This section provides you with the information you need to help prepare your child for surgery.

If you need any help with Directions and Transport or details of where to stay nearby, please email or telephone 07477547263.


All inpatients will be invited to a specialist pre-assessment clinic prior to surgery to meet the staff, visit the ward, complete pre-admission paperwork and address any queries prior to an operation or procedure.

If you would like some advice on talking to your child about hospital, please call our office and we will arrange for the Hospital Play Service to help and support you.

Timing for taking last food and drinks

  • Solids (this includes milk and any juices with bits in them) – 6 hours
  • Liquids (only clear liquids) – 4 hours
  • An email will be sent a day prior to admission with exact fasting times

On arrival

On arrival at the Hospital, please report to the main reception desk. A member of the front of house staff will meet you, escort you to your room and explain the hospital facilities for your comfort and care. Their admissions team will visit you in your room to check that your personal and insurance details are in order and to collect a deposit if necessary.

On the Day of Surgery

You and your child will be shown to your private room on the ward where your child can play with toys and books you bring from home or play in the designated playroom on the hospital ward.

You won't be allowed to stay in the operating room during the surgery, but afterwards, you'll be escorted to the recovery room waiting area as he or she awakens. Upon discharge, you'll be given instructions for further care at home and for a follow-up visit to the surgeon.

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