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When you visit one of our specialists, you’ll be assigned an appointment time. For new patients, appointments are 30 minutes and follow-up appointments are 15 minutes.

In some cases, a member of our team may suggest you undergo further imaging studies or blood tests prior to meeting with one of our consultants to ensure that we can make the best recommendation for your child during your consultation.

If your child has had any recent investigations performed at another hospital, please obtain a copy of the reports and bring them with you to the appointment. This can be done by calling the facility where they had their tests performed and requesting a copy of your results. This process may take several days or a week, so you will want to request them ahead of time. Some consultations lead to scheduling a procedure, you may want to bring a calendar or appointment book with you. This will enable you to schedule your procedure before you finish your initial consultation.

If you have insurance, please contact your insurer prior to appointment to obtain a pre-authorization code. Please provide this code when you attend the clinic and register at reception.

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The Portland Hospital,
234 Great Portland Street,
London, W1W 5QT

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